Waterways World Narrowboat Sessions Article (November 2016)

My article about the Narrowboat Sessions has been published in the latest edition of Waterways World.

This was an article that I pitched last year, but it finally came together over the summer. I’m glad that it did, as being part of the session was up there as being one of my best experiences as a journalist.

I was welcomed onboard by Mark Holdsworth and his assistant Kira Jamieson the organisers of the sessions, with the promise that I was in for a treat. They weren’t wrong. I had the privilege to sit in on a session by the excellent Elfin Bow.

Liverpool’s Albert Dock is a wonderful sight at the best of times, but to be there at sunset was an extra bonus for the day. I managed to take a number of great photographs too.

The Narrowboat Sessions is not only a great way of promoting a number of talented musicians, but it is also producing a compilation CD of the sessions. You can get a copy of the 2014 sessions from the website. All proceeds go to Cancer Research UK.

The Narrowboat Sessions