Waterways World Narrowboat Sessions Article (November 2016)

My article about the Narrowboat Sessions has been published in the latest edition of Waterways World.

This was an article that I pitched last year, but it finally came together over the summer. I’m glad that it did, as being part of the session was up there as being one of my best experiences as a journalist.

I was welcomed onboard by Mark Holdsworth and his assistant Kira Jamieson the organisers of the sessions, with the promise that I was in for a treat. They weren’t wrong. I had the privilege to sit in on a session by the excellent Elfin Bow.

Liverpool’s Albert Dock is a wonderful sight at the best of times, but to be there at sunset was an extra bonus for the day. I managed to take a number of great photographs too.

The Narrowboat Sessions is not only a great way of promoting a number of talented musicians, but it is also producing a compilation CD of the sessions. You can get a copy of the 2014 sessions from the website. All proceeds go to Cancer Research UK.

The Narrowboat Sessions

Difficult First Novel

novelThere was me thinking that I would blog and tweet my way all the way through the final project of my MA. The best-laid plans and all that…Who knew that the whole business of writing a novel would get in the way.

Well, it’s finished. There were times that it felt like I would never get to this point, but thanks to the support of friends and family I have managed to get over the novel completed and submitted.

I’m happy with how the novel has turned out. It could possibly do with another read through, but time was against me to do that. I will edit it once more when I receive my feedback in the New Year. Then I will contemplate sending it to agents and publishers.

So with the submission of my final project, I have come to the end of my MA (that’s presuming that my novel has not failed). Looking back, I have no regrets signing up for the MA, the three years have been eventful and have gone so quick. I have met some great people along the way. The tutors have all helped in getting me to this point in my writing career. A number of my fellow students have now become really good friends.

There are plans for us all to work together and support each other when we get around to writing our next novels. That’s to come, but for now its nice not to worry about edits, deadlines and all that. Well the writing ones, there are plenty of deadlines with the day job.

Football Weekends Feature (February 2016)


I have a feature published in the latest issue (February 2016) of Football Weekends. It details a cold, but enjoyable trip to North Wales to watch a couple of games in the Welsh Premier League and Welsh Cup.

It was also accompanied by a number of photographs that I took during the game. That’s a first for me, the first time that I have had photographs published in a national magazine.

Football Weekends is available online or in most WH Smiths.

Sport, Media and Regional Identity chapter (December 2015)

51jeIenEwmL._SX354_BO1,204,203,200_I have had a chapter published by Cambridge Scholars. The book stems from a conference where I presented at when I was working at University of Chester.

The book considers the cultural significance of particular sports to regional identities across Europe and beyond. There are eight chapters written by a number of different authors, including a number from former colleagues.

My paper was entitled, Moving the Goalposts: How Livingston FC became one of the First Franchise Clubs in the UK.

It is available on Amazon or directly from the publishers.

Enchanted Reading Forest @ Liverpool One

I took part in another event for the excellent Writing on the Wall organisation as Enchanted Reading Forest events. This is where short story writers read their work to people on the streets of Liverpool. Outside Liverpool One to more precise. The rain managed to stay away and I enjoyed the opportunity to get involved.

We4poets @ 3MT, Manchester

2015-04-25 21.30.21








Another enjoyable We4Poets night. This time with an added twist -it was the first me that I acted as the compère.

I also performed a few of my short stories to add to the stress of the night. Thankfully it all went well and I look forward to doing it again in the near future.

W4P live at SMT 24.4.15


Split Second










I was introduced to Thomas Llywarch, a filmmaker by my partner early in the year who was looking for a writer to help get involved with a project that he was trying to put together for the Tales We Tell Festival hosted by Glyndŵr University in February.

I was given an outline of the story based on the Welsh folk tale of Gelert, but it was to be given a modern day spin with a Great British Bake of Theme.

There was a tight turn around from page to screen, I worked on an initial script and Thomas edited and extended it to fit in with the filming. I even managed to make a cameo as a paparazzi photographer. Somehow it all came together and the film can be seen here.

Pulp Idol Launch


Tonight was the launch of PulpIdol Firsts 2015, which included my chapter ‘Difficult First Album’. It was organised by the excellent Writing on the Wall organisation and hosted by Siren. Liverpool.

There was a similar format to the final in May, and included six of the people who took part that night.
It was good to meet up with the other writers and see how they were progressing with their novels. It was also good to hear and read the other chapters on the night also.
The physical copies were available, I had already downloaded the Kindle version earlier on in the week, and I was given a couple of free copies. I also picked up a number of others that will make good Christmas presents for friends and family.

It is great to see my creative work published for the first time, especially in printed form. As I’m in the process of editing the novel, things like this are inspiring in attempting to get my novel finished.

Copies can be found in all the usual places. A physical copy is available from News From Nowhere Bookstore, Liverpool.

No No Nanowrimo

November is a time when writers around the world around take part in the annual Nanowrimo challenge. It is something that I have taken part in over the last few years and I was tentatively thinking of taking part in again this year. Instead of writing another novel the idea was to write a number of short stories instead.

I have previously completed the Nanowrimo challenge twice. My first successful attempt at writing a novel from 2012 is lying in a draw waiting to be edited. My novel from 2013 is currently being edited and discussed during my MA workshops. The first two chapters written last year, has been edited down to one and is my PulpIdol chapter.

Given how busy I am with work and my MA, I have decided to sit Nanowrimo out this year, as much as I would love to get involved, I just don’t have the time. For those considering doing it, my advice is to do so.